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How To Plan A Romantic Catalina Getaway

Can someone please write a new love song about Catalina Island? It has been 65 years since The Four Preps song 26 Miles debuted, dubbing Catalina as “the Island of Romance.” While the lyrics of the classic song hold true, in recent years, more opportunities for romantic rendezvous have become a possibility. (Even the Bachelor once brought a date to Descanso Beach). There is a plethora of picturesque spots and plenty of potential for romance all over the island. Whether your significant other is into fine dining or rustic picnics, beach side strolls or mountainous hikes, you can plan the perfect island date. There is certainly some love-song-worthy fun to be had on Catalina. Read on to learn more about how to plan a romantic Catalina getaway:

· Life’s a picnic. For a relaxing change of pace from daily life, take a trip out to Haypress Park. For nature lovers, Catalina Taxi and Tours offers a Picnic with the Wildlife tour. The ride to Haypress is in an open Jeep, allowing for great views and fresh air along the way. One highlight of the tour is a stop at Summit Overlook, which is a chance to take in an amazing view. Bison or Catalina fox sightings are always a possibility on this trek to picnic at Haypress. On this 1.5-hour tour, you and your loved one will be driven by a knowledgeable and friendly driver, and you’ll have your choice of picnic sandwiches from one of the island’s best eateries.

· Visit Lover’s Cove. Just down the road from where the boats dock at Cabrillo Mole sits the craggy coastal cove named for lovers. Lover’s Cove is a State Marine Conservation Area with beautiful clear waters and abundant marine life. Revel in the ocean’s beauty along the rocky shoreline, and swim and snorkel with nearly tame fish and the famous Catalina kelp forests for a romantic water adventure together. Catalina Divers Supply offers resources for renting SCUBA or snorkel gear.

· Hold hands on a hike. Catalina is famous among the hiking set for the hardy 37.2-mile Trans Catalina Trail, but there are plenty of trails of varied lengths and difficulties all over the island. In fact, Catalina has more than 165 miles of trails to explore. Consider all of these romantic places to trek: You can hike to botanical gardens, on the hour trail, to the chimes tower, or even up to Mt. Ada. Be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks for you and your loved one as you discover the island together. If you are exploring beyond Avalon, make sure to get a free hiking permit from the Catalina Conservancy.

· Bring the bubbly. One celebratory tour offered by Catalina Taxi and Tours is the Toast to Catalina. On this private Jeep tour, you and your date will ride through the gorgeous, rugged wilds of the island, an area few visitors venture to see. A romantic stop on this tour overlooks the ocean and the windward side of the island. Take in the natural beauty and take time to toast to each other on this tour with a bottle of champagne, red wine, or white wine. A charcuterie board is also included on this 2.5-hour tour.

· Sweets for the sweet. If you’re not having chocolate, then are you even having a romantic day? Luckily, the island is home to plenty of places that offer confections of all kinds. From Lloyd’s ginormous caramel-chocolate-covered apples to cones full of fun flavors of ice cream from Scoop’s or Sailor’s Delight, it’s safe to say that there are treats around every corner of Avalon. Treat your partner to something sweet for your day of island romance.

· Take on the town. While you’re visiting Avalon, have a day date as you take a private tour of the city. Catalina Taxi and Tours will guide you through the history and culture of Avalon. You’ll also get some great recommendations for shops, restaurants, and even more things to do on the island from your friendly local guides.

· Plan ahead. While being footloose and fancy free can be romantic, there is so much to see on Catalina that you will want to set up a plan for your day.

Call Catalina Taxi and Tours at 310-510-0342 to reserve a spot on one of the unforgettable tours of the island. Tours can be customized to your liking, just ask! Learn more about all the tours offered here.

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