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Catalina taxi

Avalon Taxi Service

Demand-Response Taxis on Catalina Island

Our taxis meet every boat when they dock at the boat terminal. If you need transportation outside of the City of Avalon, you must make a reservation in advance. At the top of the boat terminal you will see our yellow sign for Taxi. If one is not there when you arrive, please call our taxi dispatcher at (310) 510-0025 and another taxi will be dispatched to you. If you are arriving via helicopter, please notify the terminal personnel and they will summon a taxi for you. Taxi hours vary by season. Our taxi service is for the City of Avalon. However, we do offer private shuttles for a variety of locations on the island. For transportation to locations outside of Avalon, please visit our page on private interior shuttles and make your reservation today.

  • Due to the nature of the island and to ensure a more timely service, taxis may hold more than 1 taxi fare at a time

  • Each fare is charged separately

  • All fares are flat-rate based on 1-2 persons (with 1-2 travel bags per person)

  • Additional passengers traveling as a group, add $1.00 per person

  • Waiting time and pit stops are $1.60 per minute

  • Meter Rate starts at $5.95 and is $1.60 per minute after

  • Excess luggage charge is $1.00 per bag (excess means more than 2 bags per person)

  • Bike fee is $5.00 flat-rate

  • Currently there is a fuel surcharge due to the high cost of gasoline on the island

  • A $3.00 road maintenance fee is added to every taxi fare

  • Please call our Main Office (310) 510-0342 or the Taxi Dispatcher (310) 510-0025 to get a price quote on specific taxi fares.

  • For details about establishing an account for taxi service, please click here.

  • The prices above are for taxi service for the City of Avalon only. For information on transportation to locations outside of Avalon please visit our page on Private Interior Shuttles.

  • No reservations for regular fares within the city of Avalon. 

  • All taxis are Toyota Sienna minivans that hold up to 7 passengers with luggage 

  • Please contact our taxi dispatcher at (310) 510-0025 30 minutes prior to desired pickup time.

    • Taxis are busier during boat times, please allow additional time for a taxi arrival.

    • If you're staying at Hamilton Cove, please allow up to 45 min for a taxi during boat times.

  • Wheelchair accessible taxi is available upon request.

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