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Catalina taxi service

Taxi Accounts

Establishing An Account For Catalina Taxi Service

Open accounts are an option for large groups and special events to take taxis on Catalina Island with ease and efficiency.  Upon application approval, this service enables you to charge taxi fares to your account and pay with a credit card after the account is billed.

Click here for Open Account Contract and Credit Card Authorization Form

For additional questions Email: or call (310)510-0342.

What we need:

  • A deposit of $1,000.00 prior to account being used.

  • A copy of our Contract and Credit Card Authorization Form completed and signed by the cardholder.

  • The completed and signed Contract and Credit Card Authorization Form can be sent to us in the following ways:

    • Faxed to (310) 510-1193 

    • Brought in person to our Main Office. 

  • The contract must specify how the account will be used.

    • The dates the account will be open for

    • The password you select to authorize charges on the account

    • Specific pick-up locations, times and number of people authorized to use the account

    • Email to send a copy of your receipt and list of fares charged to the account

  • Applications to set up open-accounts for the weekend must be received no later than 4:00 pm PST the Friday before.

*Accounts cannot be used until our Main Office has confirmed receipt of all the signed documents.  Any changes to accounts will require a new signed contract and credit card authorization form.  


How the Open Account Works:

Once we have all the documents and information needed to set up the account, you will be able to begin using the account upon arrival to the island.  Taxi fares must be called in on an as needed basis to our dispatcher (310) 510-0025.  The password must be said to the driver to authorize charges on the account. Without the password the driver will charge cash for the taxi fare.  When the account is closed, a representative in the Main Office will tally the charges for the account and charge the total and tip (if applicable) with the credit card on file.  A copy of the receipt and breakdown of the charges will then be emailed to you.  For more information about how the open account works or for price quotes on taxi fares, please contact our Main Office at (310) 510-0342.


How the Taxi Service Works:

  • Taxi hours vary by season.

  • Taxi fares are flat rates based on meter rates.

    • Fares are charged as a flat rate for the first 2 people (2 bags per person) and then $1.00 for each additional person

    • Wait time is $1.60 per minute

    • Excess baggage fee is $1.00 per bag (excess means more than 2 bags per person)

    • Bike fee is $5.00 flat-rate

  • Rate cards are available to view in taxis or you can contact our Main Office for price quotes on specific fares

  • Driver will run meter upon request

    • Meter rate starts at $5.95 and is $1.60 per minute after

  • All taxis are Toyota Sienna Minivans that can hold up to 7 passengers with luggage

  • Wheelchair taxi is available upon request

  • No Reservations for regular fares within the city of Avalon.  

  • Please contact our taxi dispatcher at (310) 510-0025 30 minutes prior to desired pickup time.

    • Taxis are busier during boat times, please allow additional time for a taxi arrival.

    • If you're staying at Hamilton Cove, please allow up to 45 min for a taxi during boat times.

For additional questions E-mail: or call (310)510-0342.

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