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9 Things You Should See On A Tour of Catalina

Whether you arrive by sea or air, you can’t miss seeing Catalina’s Casino building. There was never any gambling happening here; In May of 1929, that round, beautiful building that is part-theater/part-ballroom and promenade, was built. Major movie moguls would come to see their movies here. Big bands of the 1930s through 1950s would perform for a ballroom full of dancers. A special place in its heyday, the Casino remains an iconic piece of Catalina history. If you’re intrigued by this bit of history, the Casino just scratches the surface of all the amazing things to see on the Island. Read on to learn about 9 things you should see on a tour of Catalina.

catalina fox


1.)    Amazing animals: There’s nothing cuter on Catalina than the Santa Catalina Island fox. This adorable critter is the only native land carnivore on the island. They’re a bit smaller than the typical fox. A Catalina fox is small and reddish-brown with a bushy tail and distinct black facial features. Weighing in a few pounds more than the 5-pound island fox is the North American Bison. A few bison were brought to the island in the 1920s for a western film, and over the years, the herd has grown. Bison have since become part of Catalina culture. See them for yourself along with about 90 other species on the island. Taking a tour to the interior can bring you to back roads where you’re more likely to see fox, bison, and more.


2.)    Two Harbors: While local Avalon beaches are quaint and convenient, Two Harbors is an extraordinary place. If you didn’t already know, an isthmus is a narrow strip of land that connects two larger land masses and separates two bodies of water. Near the west end of the island is Catalina’s isthmus with Catalina Harbor and Isthmus Cove. Much of the area is simply beautiful wilderness. For centuries, this has been a great place for island adventures like camping, hiking, kayaking, boating, and diving. Catalina Taxi and Tours can get you to Two Harbors to choose your own adventure.


3.)    Happy trails. Hiking in Catalina can be a worthy challenge. The natural terrain and expansive views are great rewards. A multitude of trails throughout the island’s interior varies from beginner to advanced. The 38.5-mile-long Trans-Catalina Trail has become a popular journey; it typically takes a few days if you want to attempt the whole trail. You could also head from Avalon to East Summit, from Middle Ranch to Black Jack, or from West Summit to Two Harbors. There are so many hiking options on the island. Give Catalina Taxi and Tours a call get set up with a drop off or pickup at your chosen hiking destination.


Discover Scuba on Catalina

4.)    Under the sea. Years ago, a Submarine Diving Bell served as entertainment for visitors to the island who wanted to get a glimpse of the underwater world. Now, there are many options for ocean experiences on Catalina. From boat dives to snorkeling to Snuba—Catalina Divers Supply offers plenty of ways to explore the gorgeous world under the water. From giant kelp forests to brightly colored garibaldi, eels to anemones, there is plenty to see.


5.)    A view from the top. If you’d like a way to see some of the glorious coastline views around Catalina without having to hike and climb yourself, take a Catalina Taxi and Tour that includes a trip up to Summit Overlook. A private Jeep Eco tour can bring you to this spot that offers a remarkable perspective from a higher elevation on the island.


6.)    An airport in the sky. The Airport in the Sky sits 1600 feet above sea level. Just 6.4 miles northwest of Avalon, it feels like it’s a world away. A Catalina Taxi and Tours trip can take you up to the airport where you can check out the impressive runway, have a bite to eat at the restaurant, get more great views of the island, and even pick up a souvenir at the gift shop.


7.)    A secluded beach. If you’ve stayed in Avalon during the summer, you’ll know the beaches are often busy and crowded with towels, chairs, floaties, and sand toys. This makes for a fun beach day! But sometimes beach goers are seeking some seaside serenity; a Catalina Taxi and Tours trip to Little Harbor takes only about 45 minutes from Avalon. It’s one of the most scenic coastal spots on the island and a favorite spot for hikers and campers.


8.)    On the town. Avalon has a storied history. The island’s first residents were native populations who eventually encountered Spanish visitors in 1542. In 1602, Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaino visited the island during the feast day of Saint Catherine of Alexandria and gave the island her name. Take a private tour of Avalon to learn more about the unique history of this magical seaside place.


9.)    A hidden ranch. Rancho Escondido is tucked in the hills of the island’s interior. Philip Wrigley, William Wrigley’s son, built his ranch out near Cottonwood Canyon. Stage coaches used to come through the area as a rest stop on the way to Little Harbor. Take a Catalina tour back in time to this secluded spot.


Are you ready to see some more of Catalina? Reach out to book a private tour to a special island destination. Give the main office a call at 310-510-0342.

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