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Do They Have Uber on Catalina? And Other FAQs

When you think about charming small towns, what comes to mind? Usually in small town America, there’s a main street, complete with locally owned restaurants and cute shops. In small town USA, the people are friendly, and there’s a warm, community feel. Avalon has all of that—and more—to offer residents and visitors alike. There’s extra charm when your small town happens to be on a beautiful Southern California island. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Catalina or you’re a frequent island-tripper, you’re welcome to enjoy all the charm that Catalina has to offer. And fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get around to see more of the natural beauty, gorgeous wildlife, and all that this magical island has to offer. Read on to learn whether they have Uber on Catalina and the answers to some other FAQs about the island.


Do they have Uber on Catalina? Taking a trip to Avalon means taking a trip to a place where simple pleasures are the norm. And while there are modern conveniences like internet and cell phones on the island, there are some everyday mainland things that the island doesn’t have—like Uber. Catalina’s answer to Uber is Catalina Taxi and Tours. They offer demand-response taxis on the island. When you arrive by boat, taxis are at the boat terminal to greet you. If you need transportation outside of the City of Avalon, you can make a reservation in advance for private shuttles, tours, or additional service by calling Catalina Taxi and Tours at 310-510-0025.

Uber on Catalina


Why would I need a ride? Isn’t Catalina walkable? Much of Avalon is walkable. The main downtown area of Avalon is about 3 square miles, and you can walk to most restaurants, shops, hotels, and attractions. For hotels or destinations that are located a little further into town, you can always call a cab. You can also walk right up to the taxi stand, which is on Crescent Avenue—Avalon’s main street.


What is with all the golf carts? Did you know that Avalon is one of the only cities in California that’s authorized to regulate the size and number of vehicles that can drive on city streets? The city’s solution is that many locals and vacationers drive golf carts to get around. You can even rent a cart while you’re on the island for just a few hours at a time. But do keep in mind, you are still on Los Angeles County streets, and if you’re drinking margaritas, beers, or Buffalo Milks downtown, you cannot drink and drive in a golf cart. Play it safe, and call a taxi so you can get back to your accommodations after a fun night (or day) out in Avalon.


I heard there are bison on the island. How do I get to see them? During the early part of the Covid pandemic, a picture from Catalina went viral; it was of a lone bison standing on a Catalina beach. The herd of bison on Catalina first came in the 1920s when westerns were filmed on the island; there’s been a population in the island’s interior lands ever since. Take a tour to see them with Catalina Taxi and Tours. A private eco tour includes a knowledgeable driver in an open-air Jeep. Guides can tell you about some of the island’s history, and you’ll have the opportunity to see wildlife including the Catalina fox, bald eagles, and of course, the bison.

bison on Catalina Island


What about the “other side” of the island—how do I get there? Some visitors come to the island and spend their whole time in the Avalon area. There’s plenty to do in Avalon, but there is so much more to explore all over the island. Most of Catalina—88% to be exact—is protected in a land trust. This conserved land can’t be developed, and this makes for pristine, majestic views all over the island. The other town on the island is Two Harbors, which is located near the isthmus at the west end of Catalina. More of a village than a full-blown town, Two Harbors is a beautiful beachside place with opportunities to hike, kayak, fish, camp, dine, snorkel, scuba, or just relax. Catalina Taxi and Tours can help you get to this little slice of paradise; you can make a day of it or even stay overnight.


I really want to hike some island trails. How can I get to them? Catalina Taxi and Tours is happy to help you explore the island on foot. You will need a hiking or biking permit for some of the interior trails. Our taxis or shuttles are able to take you to trails that lead to Ben Weston beach, the Trans Catalina Trail, or other favorite destinations on the island.


There is so much to explore all over Catalina. With Catalina Taxi and Tours, take a trip up to the Airport in the Sky, plan a romantic picnic, or take a private tour of Avalon. Check out our website, and book a tour with us for a memorable island adventure!

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