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How To Get Around On Catalina Island

It’s nice to think of Catalina as a pristine and peaceful Pacific island, quite unlike the bigger, busier towns on the main land. It truly is. All along the coastline around Catalina are Marine Protected Areas, set aside to protect precious ocean life and habitats. Much of the island land—88% to be exact—is protected, meaning tens of thousands of acres will remain conserved and undeveloped. From Catalina’s small seaside town of Avalon to its beautiful wilderness, there’s so much to see all over the island. While you’re here, there are a few different ways to get from place to place. Read on to learn more about how to get around on Catalina Island.

On foot: Once your Catalina ferry docks, you can take a nice walk right into downtown Avalon. Throughout your time on the island, walking from accommodations to destinations is a common way to move about the town. There are a few local hikes and trails you can get to by walking; however, there are some hilly streets and a few less-walkable destinations that require more than average walking to reach.

Cart around: Golf carts are the main transportation of choice on the island. Avalon regulates the number of actual cars allowed on the city streets, so many residents ride around town in golf carts instead. Rental carts are available in Avalon; however some roads and points of interest are off limits to golf carts.

The wheels on the bike: Biking around parts of Catalina is an interesting transportation option, and there are even a few e-bikes around to take you up some of the hillier streets of Avalon. Riding bikes through town, you’re on your own to explore. However, you’ll need something more substantial than just two wheels to see more of the interior, isthmus, and other destinations on Catalina.

How to get around on Catalina Island

Taxis in town: You’ll find that Catalina Taxi and Tours is the most convenient mode of transportation solution on the island. Taxis can offer rides from the boat or helicopter terminals as well as from other downtown destinations to your hotel. Need a ride to dinner downtown? They’ve got you covered. In Avalon, the cabs are Toyota Sienna minivans, which can hold plenty of passengers (up to 7) as well as luggage.

Go off roading: Catalina has a rugged, gorgeous interior, and Catalina Taxi and Tours offers open-air Jeep tours to explore the wilder side of the island. Just 30 minutes away from Avalon is the Airport in the Sky, the perfect stop for a couple of hours of exploring. For beachgoers, there is Two Harbors, about an hour and 20 minutes outside of Avalon. An escape to the West End via a Catalina Taxi and Tours vehicle is a great way to have an adventure—hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, or even camping. Little Harbor, just 45 minutes from downtown, is one of the most scenic coastal spots on Catalina, and it has a great beach for getting away from the busier Avalon beaches. Looking for magnificent views? Ride 15 minutes up to The Summit to get the best look at the rugged island coastline and even the mainland. Whether you want to explore, camp, or just enjoy nature, the interior shuttles of Catalina Taxi and Tours can take you to many locations.

A shuttle is how to get around on Catalina Island

Take a romantic tour: Santa Catalina Island has often been called, “the island of romance.” A private picnic tour to one of Catalina’s interior spots is a great way to spend the day with a loved one. Toast Catalina tours are also offered for couples who might want to celebrate a special occasion at one of Catalina’s breathtaking overlooks.

Travel on through Avalon: If you want to get to know Avalon a bit better, take a city tour, and learn about some of the town’s history, culture, and hot spots from one of the knowledgeable and friendly Catalina Taxi and Tours drivers. Ask for anything from restaurant to activity recommendations, and make plans for more island adventures as you discover more about Avalon.

Tailor your travels: Do you want to see some of Catalina’s gorgeous wildflowers or even some of the island’s wild animals? Would you want to take a ride to the Trans-Catalina trail? Or, would you rather learn more about island history on a ride through Avalon? Customized tours are charged an hourly rate, and reservations are highly recommended. Call Catalina Taxi and Tours main office at 310-510-0342 to learn about details or availability for a custom tour of your choice.

Book with Catalina Taxi and Tours: Whether you’re in a family group, traveling as a couple, or journeying solo, you will want to see more of what Catalina has to offer. Catalina Taxi and Tours offers you so many ways to explore more of the island. No matter what your transportation needs are, Catalina Taxi and Tours can offer you the freedom and flexibility to explore Catalina Island at your leisure. Private Jeep tours run daily, starting in the morning. You can click here to book a tour, or you can even book in person at our office on 228 Metropole Ave. in Avalon.

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