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What you need to know about transportation on Catalina Island

As one of the Channel Islands, Catalina is actually a submerged mountain, which makes for some hilly terrain from Avalon into the interior and to Two Harbors. That said, you may need some help getting around when you visit the island. Catalina Taxi and Tours is your go-to for transportation on Catalina Island.

Taxi! Right when you arrive at Cabrillo Mole, the main ferry landing on Catalina, Catalina Taxi and Tours has taxi vans available to offer a ride to your hotel, condo, campground, or rental. Rides are ready for the arrival of each incoming boat. If you arrive via helicopter, cabs can be called to pick you up at the terminal as well. Rather than carrying all your luggage through town, spacious vans can fit your bags and help you to reach your destination safely. Taxis can also be reserved ahead of time if you need rides around Avalon, Descanso Beach, and Hamilton Cove. Be sure to make conversation with friendly, local drivers; They often offer the best knowledge about happenings and places to go in town. Call ahead to make a taxi reservation at 310-510-0025.

Get wild. You might have noticed that you can’t rent a car on Catalina Island. You’ll see plenty of golf carts, but only a larger means of transport is equipped – and allowed -- for exploring the uniquely beautiful interior of the island. With shuttle service to the interior, you can get dropped off to start a hike, and head back into Avalon on foot. Be sure to plan ahead and get a free hiking permit from the Catalina Conservancy in advance. Shuttles can also get you to campgrounds like Blackjack or Two Harbors.

Get your gear. For hikers and campers, part of the journey includes bringing everything you need along with you. Gear haul is a lifesaver service offered by Catalina Backcountry. Make reservations for getting your gear where you need it to go by calling 310-913-9036, and be sure to keep the 25-lb. weight limit in mind for hauling.

Take a tour. If you’d rather sit when you sightsee, Catalina Taxi and Tours has a fleet of Jeeps and SUVs that run year-round private interior trips. Whether you want to picnic at Haypress Park or come face-to-face with an Island fox, you can tour in one of these vehicles 7 days a week. Book a custom adventure to see wildlife, native flora, and picturesque vistas throughout Catalina’s wild side.

See the city like a local. The city of Avalon is just a few square miles, but this tiny town is chock full of much history. Check out the views of Avalon Bay from the Wrigley Mansion up on Mount Ada, or circle around the iconic Catalina Casino. Head a little deeper into town, and traipse around the grounds where the Chicago Cubs came for spring training in the 1930s. On a private city tour, your driver can share plenty of Catalina’s history and culture, and you’ll be able to make stops for photos or refreshments.

Special Deliveries! While Avalon may not have Door Dash or UberEats, it does have a great way to get delivery service from any restaurant in Avalon. If customers place and pay for a to-go order at an Avalon eatery, Catalina Taxi and Tours can help. Customers call 310-510-0025 once the order is placed, and for a delivery fee, a driver will pick up and deliver your meal. After a long day of snorkeling, hiking, and touring, it’s a convenient way to relax and enjoy Avalon cuisine.

On your own two feet: The downtown area of Avalon is pedestrian friendly. Walk the streets that are adorned with fountains, palm trees, and colorful Catalina tile. Plenty of local businesses are ready to welcome visitors for shopping, dining, entertainment, and adventures.

For all your transportation on Catalina Island, explore

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