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Where You Can Go On A Catalina Shuttle

When you’re visiting the island town of Avalon, you can get around to a lot of local places on foot. Stroll down the Green Pleasure Pier, and grab some fish tacos—or go fishing. Explore the beaches from South Beach to Descanso. You can walk to shops and restaurants, and you’ll find plenty of places for drinks and desserts too. The charming city of Avalon is quite walkable, but if you’re not taking transportation to explore some more of Santa Catalina, you’re missing out on a lot of natural beauty, majestic views, and some fun history. Check out Catalina Taxi and Tours and the options they offer for

Read on to learn more about where you can go on a Catalina Shuttle.

See the airport in the sky. The road distance from Avalon to the island’s mountaintop airfield is about 10 miles. A shuttle trip there takes about thirty minutes. Known as the Airport in the Sky, Catalina’s airport sits near the island’s highest elevation point. This airport is open to the public. Taking a shuttle ride up to the airport means you get to try one of the famous, delicious, freshly baked cookies (or some other sustenance) at DC3 Gifts and Grill.

Reach the Summit. It takes just 15 minutes to ride out of Avalon and up to the spot known as the Summit. It’s such a great way to catch spectacular views of the island and—on a clear day—of the mainland. Want to get your steps in and enjoy the views all the way back to town? You have the option to take the ride up to the Summit and then walk back down into Avalon. It’s a great little adventure for a day.

See Two Harbors. For a taste of something a little more rustic, there’s the island town of Two Harbors. It sits on the Isthmus—the strip of land between Isthmus Cove and Catalina Harbor. A shuttle ride from Avalon to Two Harbors takes about an hour and 20 minutes. Once you’re there, you can enjoy lunch and drinks at the local eatery. Be sure to venture out for some adventure while here; you can kayak, paddleboard, snorkel, SCUBA, or hike during your day trip to Two Harbors. Or you can even just enjoy a more relaxing beach day. Need supplies? Visit the town’s General Store to pick up anything you need.

The perfect picnic. Just a 20-minute shuttle ride out of Avalon, you’ll find Haypress, a beautiful spot for a picnic. Haypress is full of natural beauty. Bring the kids along on this ride! There is a fun playground, a few barbecues, and some hiking trails for a day to get away from it all. You might even spot some Catalina wildlife while you’re picnicking out at Haypress.

A day at camp. About 19 miles away from Avalon—on the back side of the island—is Little Harbor. It’s a great place to get away from the busier beaches of Avalon. Little Harbor has a great campground which is one of the top stops on the Trans-Catalina Trail. The shuttle ride here is about 45 minutes from Avalon.

To the mountaintops. The rugged interior of the island is hilly and a gorgeous contrast to the Catalina coastlines. Mount Orizaba stands at 2,103 feet, but its summit is not accessible to the public. Why not head to Blackjack Mountain—at 2010 feet—the second highest point on Catalina. Take a 25-minute shuttle ride to Blackjack. From just below its top, you can take in the panoramic views.

Any special destination. Interior shuttles are available to more locations on Catalina Island. Want to check out some specific parts of the Trans-Catalina Trail? Are you hoping to spend a night or two at a rustic, island campground? We offer service to several campsites. You can set up your ideal shuttle trip with Catalina Taxi and Tours.

Catalina Taxi and Tours is your on-island transportation solution. Shuttles are typically used for day trips, sightseeing, and daily adventures. However, you also have options to get a ride from your boat to the hotel, to take a tour of Avalon, or even a custom Jeep tour. Most of our shuttle trips can hold up to 7 passengers.

Give us a call! Catalina Taxi and Tours is a locally owned and operated company that has been serving Avalon locals and guests for more than 20 years. We want our customers to have memorable experiences all over the island. Our drivers know the terrain and roads well, and they know a lot of local lore as well. Check out all we have to offer online, or give us a call at 310-510-0342.

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