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The Best Places to Propose on Catalina Island

There is no denying that Catalina is full of charm, natural beauty, and romance. From Avalon to Two Harbors, the rugged coastlines, enchanting edifices, and dreamlike settings are absolutely romantic. Whether you’re an adventurer, an explorer, a traveler or a beach bum, there are great proposal spots all over Catalina. Check out the best places to propose on Catalina Island.

1.) Airport in the Sky The sky’s the limit when it comes to love. If you want to show your future spouse how high you’d go to make them yours, book a shuttle to the top of a 1602-foot tall mountain. The unique setting of the Airport in the Sky offers a memorable place to get down on one knee. Does your sweetheart have a sweet tooth? Celebrate your new engagement with a delicious Killer Cookie from the DC3 Gifts and Grill at this mountaintop airport.

2.) Avalon Harbor From the 1890s to the 1900s, children in Avalon would await steamers as they cruised into Avalon, shouting, “Throw a coin!” Passengers tossed coins into the water for the fun tradition of coin diving, and local kids retrieved the shiny treasures by diving in. Why not regale your love with this old Avalon tale before presenting a shiny treasure: an engagement ring? Stroll the Green Pier, find a sunny spot at Middle Beach, or kayak through the harbor to pick your perfect place.

3.) Rancho Escondido If you’re seeking a bit of history and romance for your proposal setting, head to Rancho Escondido, the hidden ranch 12 miles outside of downtown Avalon. This special spot was once the Wrigley family’s Arabian horse ranch, and it’s set away in a lovely valley on the island. One way to find this hidden locale is to take a Private Jeep Eco tour to this picturesque ranch.

4.) The Little Harbor Overlook The island's windswept windward side offers several dramatic locations for an unforgettable proposal. The Little Harbor Overlook, with its sweeping ocean views and stunning sunset vistas, will be a breath-taking place to ask your true love that most auspicious of questions. While getting to this location can be complicated on your own, the Toast to Catalina Tour provides transportation, champagne, and everything else you need to pop the question.

5.) Wrigley Botanical Garden A scenic taxi ride up Avalon Canyon Road from the center of town will lead you to a place with magnificent views of Avalon. The Wrigley memorial is a tribute to a family that loved the island. Adorned with local blue flagstone and Catalina pottery, the memorial building’s tall archways are a beautiful setting. The gardens showcase plant life from around the world, offering a uniquely perfect spot for your proposal.

6.) Two Harbors While the charm of Avalon is world renowned, nothing compares to the true, simple island lifestyle in the tiny town of Two Harbors. Whether you walk hand and hand, harbor to harbor, to the isthmus, or you sit on the beach at Harbor Sands, there are endless possibilities for a perfect proposal spot here. Catalina Taxi and Tours offers shuttle service to this special spot.

7.) Eagle’s Nest Lodge In the 1800s, stagecoaches traversed the rugged interior terrain of Catalina Island. Ranchers, hunters, and visitors often stopped at the Eagle’s Nest Lodge. Now, thanks to modern inventions, you can get there by a Catalina Taxi and Tours jeep. It’s possible that on the road to this historic site, you’ll see a Catalina fox or even an eagle. While you’re on a wondrous adventure, why not ask your loved one to join you on an adventure of a lifetime: marriage.

8.) Casino Point One of the most iconic places on Catalina is, of course, the Casino. The art deco and Mediterranean style of this circular structure call to mind Avalon’s romantic past, when big bands and celebrities graced its ballroom. Walk along Casino Way, head out toward the jetty on the harbor, and make a memory with the beautiful Casino building as your background. To celebrate your engagement, you can hop on a Toast to Catalina tour, complete with bubbly and charcuterie.

9.) Wrigley Stage If you’re more of a shout-it-from-the-rooftops romantic, then head to the center of town in Avalon. The charming Wrigley Stage has been host to holiday tree lightings, and summer band performances. Your proposal could be the next big event on the town’s stage. With the Pacific as your backdrop, it’s the perfect stage for a proposal of epic proportions.

For more help getting to the best places to propose on Catalina Island, call our office at 310-510-0342.

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